This selection of vintage fabrics is available for lampshades only:

Fabric 1: 40cm shades only

Fabric 2: 40cm shades only

Fabric 3: Out of Stock

Fabric 4: Out of stock

Fabric 5: 30cm Shades only

Fabric 6: Out of stock

Fabric 7: 20cm shades only

Fabric 8: 30cm Shades only

Fabric 9: Out of stock

Fabric 10: 40cm shades only

Fabric 11: 40cm shades only

Vintage 1
Vintage 2
Vintage 3
Vintage 4
Vintage 5
Vintage 6
Vintage 7
Vintage 8
Vintage 9

out of stock

out of stock

out of stock

out of stock

out of stock

Vintage 10
Vintage 11
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